{Outfit} Friday on Monday. 9.15.13

Cardigan? Loft, thrifted. Blouse? Loft, thrifted. Jeans? Old Navy. Flats? Old Navy.
Vintage satchel? Coach, thrifted.

I took these pics before I left for work last Friday. In case you didn't know, Friday is my new favorite day of the week. Okay, let's be honest... it's always been my favorite day of the week. Friday is payday. It's date night with my boyfriend. It's Shark Tank on TV. It's staying up late because I can sleep in the following morning. It's strutting out of my classroom with the comforting knowledge that I won't be peed, spit, puked on or hit until Monday. And now, Friday is jeans day - the one weekday teachers are permitted to wear denim to school, a relief from the khakis that normally cloak my legs.

So yay to jeans. And yay to Fridays!

Just four more days to go.

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  1. Oh, you're just looking great. And there's something different about your hair. What is it?


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