Currently 9.9.13


Making me cry:

My girl turned 13 on Friday. Thirteen! It's like the pages are flying off the calendar like they do in cartoons. Rebecca is lots of things I am (creative, thoughtful, emotional, impatient) and plenty of things I am not (fiercely opinionated, willful, mathmatical, snarky.) Thirteen is an interesting age. It's the in-between of childhood and adolescence, the cusp between cuddles and eye-rolling. It's not often I know which one to expect. Thankfully, Rebecca exhibits far more hugs than snark. She's on the lacrosse team, and plays upright bass in orchestra, and likes to draw and read and text her friends Dr Who memes found on the internet. All in all, she's a pretty well adjusted, remarkable kid.

Stressing me out:

A month ago, I started teaching pre-k. I had taught preschool years ago, back when I was a fresh-faced newlywed flush with creative energy. I gleefully spent my evenings cutting things out of construction paper and making homemade play dough. Now, I am a mostly exhausted middle-aged divorcee and mom of three who spends her evenings cutting things out of construction paper and making homemade play dough. I adore teaching. I feel very at home in my new school and overall am having a blast. But making lesson plans, scheduling parent-teacher conferences, and establishing a dominant position in my classroom has been stressful to say the least. Some of my kids are angels; others are more...challenging. Sometimes I feel confident, and others like I have no freaking idea what I'm doing. It's an adventure.


The Bookstore by Deborah Meyler. I came across a review of this book on a blog I follow and was immediately hooked. The setting is a used bookstore in NYC, and our heroine a sweet, likeable Englishwoman with an unexpected pregnancy. There are literary references and quirky characters and wonderfully descriptive prose. Of course, I'm intrigued by any book set in my hometown, so this was an easy choice.


Fall. Pumpkin spice lattes and cozy sweaters and the crunch of leaves underfoot and hot apple cider and roaring fires and jeans with boots and essentially any temperature below 90 degrees. The weather here has been blazingly hot. Our weather forecast should just be a red-faced, profusely sweaty guy standing outside with perspiration stains under his arms. It's that bad.


Khakis. Cropped khakis, long khakis. Khakis with Old Navy tee shirts and khakis with short sleeve blouses and khakis with sleeveless tops and cardigans. Sometimes I scroll through this blog and wistfully recall my past outfits featuring vintage sequins and leather maxi skirts and distressed jeans with holes in them. Unfortunately, those outfits are just not appropriate for teaching preschool. Sad face.

Spending time with:

My boyfriend. Yes, I have a boyfriend. He brings me flowers every week and takes me out for tacos and beer and fixes things around my house and loves thrifting almost as much as I do. He's gentle, and kind, and creative, and makes me really, really happy. More on him soon.


The support I've received for my return to blogging. Thank you for the kind comments and for being a reason to be back.


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