25 things I (re)learned over the past few months.

1. Before anything else, always, always, always ask your best friend first.

2. Remember to take care of and protect your own feelings.

3. Making homemade play dough is one of life's secret pleasures.

4. In so many cases, all you can do is watch and wait (being anxious as hell the whole time is entirely optional.)

5. Some people are going to be angry, and petty, and self-righteous, no matter what you do. Remember that this is their problem, not yours.

6. Whataburer eaten in bed at eleven at night tastes better than consumed in the dining room during daylight hours.

7. Choose the one who loves you more, who is willing to do as much for you as you are for them, and who'll be physically there for you when you need them.

8. Let people assume what they want about you.

9. You have the right to draw boundaries in your life wherever you need them.

10. If it hurts, remember there's always whiskey.

11. Rehashing the what-if's is fruitless.

12. Chances are, nobody thinks as badly of you as you do.

13. It's okay to invest your money in things that make you smile, just for the hell of it.

14.Grey's Anatomy season 2 - better the second (or eighth) time around.

15. You will never, ever make as much money as your ex-husband does. You'll never be able to spoil your kids rotten the way he does. This is okay. Your children know you love them and appreciate them. They value your time and attention more than anything store bought.

16.  If you see something intriguing at the Salvation Army, get it. It will not be there the next time you are.

17. Sometimes holding someone's hand is more magical than a kiss.

18. High heels are rarely worth it.

19. Loud is sometimes good but quiet is never bad.

20. The colors grey, pale pink and green do not work on you. Move on.

21. Never underestimate the value of a long talk with family. They understand you better than you think.

22. The crock-pot: summer's most underrated appliance.

23. The gift of aging is that you can draw on past experience to know what will be successful for you and what won't.

24. Jersey sheets are a revelation.

25. No matter how hard things might seem, you are going to be okay.


  1. Elissa! Glad to see you're back! I've been following you on Pinterest and every so often I wonder how you are! Great life lessons, we all need a reminder sometimes.

  2. Oh, I love this list. You are so right about those financial concerns as a single mother. I walked through that...and yes, the children DO/will know what is most valuable. I've just retired this summer and I'm wondering what sort of list like this I'll be able to make a year from now. Keep going.

  3. wow, i stumbled upon this & it's perfect. bravo.


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