{Daily outfit} Seventies sequins. 1.11.13

1970s Neiman Marcus sequin blouse? Gifted. Vintage suede skirt? Thrifted. Ankle boots? 
Urban Outfitters. Tights? Walmart.

When my friend Jamie gave me this vintage sequin blouse, I was perplexed. Where would I wear such a fine piece of seventies disco iconography? Studio 54 is closed, the Bee Gees are no more, and Bianca Jagger has taken me off her speed dial. Not to mention that Dallas is not exactly a hot spot for disco. Fortunately, I work at in a shop where such expressions of sparkly delight are both encouraged and celebrated. I busted this blouse out during an otherwise unremarkable shift and felt sort of spectacular in the way only someone can when they're dripping in sequins.


  1. That blouse (top? shirt? disco ball?) is fabulous and you should wear it every chance you get. Love it!

  2. That's Elizza with two Zeds, girlfriend!
    You look smashing!
    So great to see your smiling face.


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