{Daily outfit} The best medicine. 1.22.13

St John tweed cardigan? Thrifted. Silk J Crew blouse? Thrifted. Citizen of Humanity jeans? Thrifted. Ballet flats? Old Navy.

It seems like all I've been hearing about this winter is how bad flu season is. "Stock up on Lysol!", newscasters screech. "Get your flu shot!" doctors proclaim. "Build an underground bunker complete with air filtration system, Army food rations and sterilized gas masks because you are all going to DIE!!!" says the TV. Though that advice comes from the maniacs on Doomsday Preppers, and they say that kind of stuff all the time anyway.

This year I got smart. I got my flu shot. I bought enough Lysol to spray every surface in my apartment a thousand times over. I even invested in those special Kleenex tissues, the overpriced moisturizing kind that promise to trap and kill 99.8% of all cold and flu virus and provide a false, though pleasing, sense of security.

And I got sick anyway.

This is what I wore when I first realized I was coming down with something.  An almost entirely thrifted outfit might be the best medicine of all.

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