{Almost daily outfit} Cropped. 1.9.13

1960's cropped blazer? Thrifted. Striped tee? Gap Outlet. Skinny jeans? Old Navy. Vintage boots? Thrifted.

Yay! I'm back to posting daily outfits. Thank you all so much for the positive feedback and encouraging me to start sharing again. That was really sweet.

I thrifted this cute little 1960's cropped suit blazer a few weeks ago. It came paired with a matching skirt, which I fell in love with it immediately, mostly because the entire outfit reminded me of something Jackie Kennedy would have worn. And I love me some Jackie Kennedy. Unfortunately, the waistband of the matching skirt was so small it would have required gastroplasty, liposuction, duct tape, and the removal of a few ribs to wear. But the blazer fits perfectly.

Hope you have a happy Wednesday!

(Sorry for the weird quality of these pics. I'm trying to figure out the best place in my apartment to set up my tripod and it's been tricky.)


  1. I love the pattern-mixing you've got going on here! Also, I really like your hair :) You look great (but you always do!).

  2. Great idea about looking through the suits for a jacket/blazer. Also, those boots look like a great find.

  3. So happy that you're back!! You look wonderful!!!!

  4. You look great - SO HAPPY! I love see you back!


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