{I Smile} 10.2.12

I Smile.

I share these moments with you.


What happens when you find a vintage Halston coat at the Goodwill:
  1. Hyperventilate,
  2. Hungrily scan the area around you to ensure there's no other shoppers waiting to snag your score,
  3. and leave, dejected, when you discover a giant hole in the back of the coat.

What happens when you get bored at work:
  1. Try on all of the rings,
  2. fall in love with the most gargantuan turquoise one,
  3. and leave, dejected, because said ring costs more than your grocery bill for the week.

What happens when you get the opportunity to style a vintage clothing shoot for an online magazine:
  1. Panic when you realize you have NO IDEA WHAT YOU'RE DOING.
  2. take a deep breath and pull 1920's, 50's, 70's, and 80's looks off the racks, including a diaphorous gown so breathtaking you nearly forget where you are,
  3. become momentarily distracted and stare vacantly at the models for awhile because, frankly, they're so freakishly beautiful they seem otherwordly.

What happens when you find the most perfect Ferragamo bow flats that aren't your size:
  1. Curse the heavens, 
  2. attempt in vain to make your size 6 feet fit a size 7.5 shoe,
  3. and post them for sale on Poshmark. (Seriously. My Poshmark closet can be found under my username elissastern. Download the app and shop away. Lots of vintage and designer goodies in there.)
What are some things that made you smile this week?

Share your smiles in the comments!


  1. OH! Ferragamo bow flats!!! My daughter found two pairs of these at a local church sale for a buck a pair! and they are her size! A red pair and a black and cream pair. When we got home she googled them and couldn't believe her luck! She is now on the hunt for more! love your blog!

  2. hahaha --- this post made me giggle! And the Halston coat drama breaks my heart

  3. The shoes from Ferregamo looks like my feet will really get comfortable in them! haha. I always love classic black leather slip ons :)

  4. Just to share-
    I've recently managed to get a pair of size 7.5 Target flats to fit my size 6-6.5 feet. I used a couple of those heel grip gel pads at the back. Then I stuffed a rolled bit of fabric (tshirt?) in the toe cap. It has worked out fantastically -- especially since the flats were black and only $5.

  5. Oh no, the Ferragamo bow flats are so adorable.
    Lagos, Nigeria


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