{Daily outfit} It's tricky. 10.1.12

Vintage sequin blouse? Thrifted. J Brand jeans? Thrifted. Ballet flats? Old Navy.

Sometimes in life you find yourself ogling a vintage sequin blouse in a thrift store. It twinkles to you from across the aisles, brightening an otherwise dreary afternoon. Hmmm, you think pensively. Do I really need another vintage sequin blouse? You mentally tally the number of similar items already hanging in your closet, too numerous to confess. You consider the outstanding balance on your Target card, your student loans, the dry cleaning bill shoved in between your car's seat cushions, the promise you made to yourself to save for that vacation you've been Pinteresting for.

The conclusion to your conundrum is unavoidable. You exit the store gleefully, sequin blouse in hand, $6 poorer. Vacations may come and go, you figure. But sequins are forever.


  1. YES!!! The struggle between bills, vacation, and vintage sequins, is one I know well, lol

  2. Lovely top!


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  3. I see those fancy sequined tops at the thrift stores all the time. I think they are beautiful and consider it a shame that something that was probably expensive in its day and worn to fancy holiday parties now waits sadly among stained T-shirts and pilled sweaters, hoping for the chance at a second life. But I never buy them. I work from home, so I admonish myself when I am tempted: "Now where do you think you'd wear that, Miss Universe?" But in honor of you and of fancy tops everywhere, the next one I will pick up. And I will wear it even if it only goes to the grocery store with me.

  4. I love your pairing! Very chic.

    As a full-time SAHM, I constantly struggle with an infatuation for clothing better suited for someone else's life. Sometimes you just gotta say WTH and wear what you love. I looked super cute the other day in my favorite Nicole Miller maxi dress and all I did was take my little guy to the dentist.

  5. The blouse is so gorgeous. Like the Anon commenter, I see them while thrifting too. I don't go to parties or anywhere fancy, so I tend to leave them at the store. You look amazing in yours though. Maybe someday I'll take a dive and bring one home.

  6. $6? Eh, one less latte on vacation :P This blouse was meant to be. It looks amazing on you, and I love the more relaxed styling with jeans.

  7. I love your looks but the stories you have to accompany them are great.

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  8. Love this top! visiting from the Pretty Little Inspirations Link-up!



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