Thrift Yo Self: Vol. 3

Well hello there. It's Thursday, which means it's once again time to Thrift Yo Self. I've loved these posts, love that some of you have been linking up, and super love the fact that I'm now assured I have found my people (that's you. The ones who love thrifting as much as I do.) I'm pretty happy with my recent finds, though I haven't been thrifting as much as I usually do because of work and general life stuff. But I'm pretty happy with what I've found lately. So let's take a look, shall we?

 Vintage bar cart. $10. Thrifted at Goodwill, McKinney TX.

Sometimes I like to pour myself a double of whiskey, watch old episodes of Mad Men, and lament the fact that I am not a sexy vixen in a wiggle dress making the men at my ad agency pant with desire.This 1960's bar cart will help keep my fantasy alive. And in case you're wondering, I drink for medicinal purposes only, because I am a lady. Stop looking at me like that.

 Early 1900's dress form. Thrifted at some random antique mall in Dallas, TX.

Once upon a time I planned to open at Etsy shop selling my vintage wares. I designed a cute logo for the shop, tagged and organized all my stuff, and thrifted this slightly wonky early 1900's dress form to display things on. Then I realized that hey, opening an Etsy shop is a lot of work. So I put it on hold until the fall. In the meantime, this dress form leans against a wall in my living room, naked, possibly tipsy, whining about being unemployed.

Leather and silver loafers. $3. Thrifted at The Purple Thrift Store, McKinney TX.

Last week I wore heels four days in a row. I wanted to die. I don't know how some of you waltz around in your four inch stilettos all the time, but I felt like I was being tortured and wanted to chop my feet off. It was that bad. So I was happy when I thrifted these comfy loafers last week. I love the stitching and silver tassels. And that fact that they're flat to the floor.


What have you thrifted lately? Feel free to leave a comment and share your favorite finds, tips and tricks, past scores, favorite places to go, etc. Or, even better, link to a post showing off your scores. There's no format to this link-up and no rules. Because rules are for fools.

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  1. Oh, that bar cart is a great subject for a makeover! I'd glue patterned washi paper to the underside of the glass surfaces.

  2. I agree Alexis. The bar cart is a great buy! Congratulations. How i wish i had the time to choose and shop on thrift shops! That bar cart would look great beside my new leather couch


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