Thrift Yo Self: Vol. 2

Happy Thursday! It's time to Thrift Yo Self once again. Let's bond over stories of treasures found, hand sanitizer and that time you found a vintage Coach bag in the bottom of the dollar bin. It's time for us to gather together and wax poetic about our thrift scores. Or at least show off what we've found.

Paul Simon, Morrissey, and New Order albums - $2 each. 
Thrifted at The Goodwill, Carrollton TX.

Back in July, my husband bought me a record player for my birthday. Naturally, this led to an obsession with finding records in the thrifts. Unfortunately, it's slim pickings out there when it comes to vinyl - unless you're looking for albums from Barry Manilow and classical orchestras and church choirs singing droning Christmas hymns. So I was super excited when I came across the above when I went thrifting yesterday. Morrissey on vinyl for two bucks? Yes and also please.

 1950's calf hair structured bag - $6. Thrifted at The Purple Thrift Store, McKinney TX.

This extra-large calf hair bag intrigued me as soon as I spied it on a display. I like how it manages to be simultaneously ladylike and yee haw wild wild west.


What have you thrifted lately? Feel free to leave a comment and share your favorite finds, tips and tricks, past scores, favorite places to go, etc. Or, even better, link to a post showing off your scores. There's no format to this link-up and no rules. Because rules are for fools. Grab a button too. That'd be awesome. And go visit your fellow thriftaholic's blog and say hello! We are all friends here.

Until next time! Which is a week from today.

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  1. One of my favorite thrift finds of the past season: a brown/black woven leather Brighton purse in great condition, $3.00. It's funny, because thrifting has turned me into a bit of a label snob. I mean, I won't pay more than, say, $5.00 for an item, but that item better be at least sort of highish-end.

  2. That bag is just the coolest. Well played, my thrifting friend!


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