{I Smile} 9.24.12

I Smile.

I share these moments with you.


The Dallas Flea was a couple of weeks ago, but I just can't resist sharing these photos. Tagging and setting up my space was a lot of work, but I had a blast. I managed to sell quite a bit of my vintage and made a few new friends too. The only downfall? I didn't have time to do much shopping myself. Sad face.

In the days leading up to the flea, I invited Jennifer of Blank White Frames to my house to do a little pre-flea shopping. Jennifer has been my best friend in my head for, oh, a while now, and it was a little thrilling to have her over. I tried not to be all fan girl while she shopped, but it was hard. I am just not that good at being cool.

Fall came to Dallas for approximately 9981 seconds last week, enticing me out of the air conditioned comfort of my house to a park nearby. I sat under a leafy tree, enjoying a cool breeze and picnic lunch. Why does food taste better when eaten outdoors? The world may never know.

Out of all the instruments in middle school orchestra, my daughter decided to learn to play bass. Because she's awesome.

And finally, a little vintage Missoni to close this post. That print and those colors are enough to make anyone smile.

What are some things that make you smile this week?

Share your smiles in the comments!
(All photos found on Instagram: @dresscourage)


  1. My smile for today was the realisation that I am entering a new phase in my life. My babies went away for a few days together, on their own, without anyone else. They drove several hundred km's to go shopping, now this isn't the first time they have been places without me (infact my eldest taught for a month in Sierra Leone last year) but this was just them on their own, and now I've realised I'm actually getting old, and even though I will always be a Mum, I will no longer be Mummy, they will be standing on their own, and doing their own things. And the reason for the smile is I am wondering what it is that will come next for me? Is actually what I just blogged about right now, and then I clicked through to read your blog and you asked what made me smile this week....getting old has made me smile

  2. I love Smile post, as they are a great way to reflect! I'm totally jealous of Jennifer getting to come to your house (and shop), and we got a millisecond of Fall weather here in Houston that made me smile and mad lol.

  3. I loved meeting you and I will be contacting you soon! Check out my blog...http://ladeescloset.blogspot.com. I featured you on my latest post!

  4. I love the Dallas Flea! Hated missing it this time. Your booth looked adorable I'm sure I would have found some steals!


  5. That's a biiiiiiig instrument! I'm impressed.


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