{Daily outfit} Temptation. 9.25.12

Neon tank? Gap. White tank? Target. Vintage skirt? Thrifted. Ballet flats? Thrifted. Pyramid bracelet? Forever 21. Vintage Coach satchel? Thrifted. 

I want you all to know that I am resisting the urge to type LEOPARD! LEOPARD!!! LEOPARDLEOPARD, LEOPARD!!" as the sole text of this post. I had a really great day at the Salvation Army last week, when I picked up this vintage skirt for $4. I also dug up a long sleeve 1950's black velvet and rhinestone dress, which I will debut as soon as I can find an occasion to wear it. That's the thing about the thrifts. You might not always find what you're looking for, but you'll always be tempted by something impractical.


  1. I Love LOVE love your blog. I thrift with passion ( i think you do too).
    Anonymous not I , passionate thrifter you bet.

  2. Neon green looks great with leopard! Is that skirt by chance quilted? I have a vintage quilted leopard skirt that seems to be the exact same print as yours. I paid a lot more than $4 for it, so hats off to you for your fab find!


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