{Daily outfit} Treat yo self. 8.21.12

J Crew chambray shirt? Thrifted. Pants? Anthropologie. Bruno Magli wedges? Thrifted. Coach satchel? Thrifted.

I bought these pants from Anthropologie back in the spring, as a treat for speaking at the Texas Style Council Conference. It'd been awhile since I'd shopped anywhere other than a thrift store, and I'd forgotten how intoxicating a trip to that store can be. I didn't intend to buy anything. But when I saw these pants in that secret sale room all Anthropologie stores hide in the back, I couldn't resist. They fit beautifully and I didn't have to deal with thrift store smell or questionable stains or price tags stapled into the crotch.

I have a big meeting today and figured these pants might give me a bit of a confidence boost. And some good luck!


  1. I adore it!!! You look so sweet

  2. Daily outfit: thrift yo self! Haha! Ehrm ok I'm not funny.... by the way, how is your meeting gone?
    I've noticed that bold prints really help in terms of boosting confidence, and I found it out thanks to some printed trousers, so I can understand you so well! ;D And they were thrifted as well! And I really have to thank you too for making me start going to thrift stores since I had never been in one before, and now I'm going often and I can't believe the gems you can find in those places!!

    1. Vivian, I hope you don't mind, but I'm TOTALLY stealing Thrift Yo Self. I see a series in the future! And I'm so happy I've inspired you to go thrifting more. That's the best compliment I think I've ever received here on the blog. I wish I could see your finds!

  3. Adorable shoes!



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