{Daily outfit} Something wild. 8.20.12

Vintage denim vest? Thrifted. Vintage shorts? Thrifted. Clutch? Estate sale. Flats? DSW. Michael Kors rose gold watch? Thrifted.

When I go thrifting, I'm invariably attracted to the weird and unusual. These are things most people pass by, like sequined sweaters and suede shorts and gold taffeta evening gowns and acid wash denim jackets and jumpsuits with rhinestones on the collar. I suppose this is because, deep down, I feel weird and misunderstood myself. Ordinary people would not understand these clothes, with their loud colors and complicated pleats and questionable taste. But I do. I find them intriguing. I want to take them home with me and make them feel appreciated and loved.

These shorts are a perfect example. I was smitten by their silver leather trim and exaggerated pleats. I thought they'd be an interesting styling challenge. And they were. But I really like how this outfit turned out. 

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  1. Why not go for the wild stuff? Basics are overrated. One you have the minimum wardrobe of basics, no reason to constantly add to it.


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