{Daily outfit} A skirt, a story. 8.1.12

Tanks? Old Navy. Vintage metallic print skirt? Thrifted. Bruno Magli wedges? Thrifted. Vintage clutch? Estate sale. Vintage necklace? Goodwill.

Sometimes, when I go thrifting, I like to imagine the history of the clothes I decide to purchase. This is because I have an overly active imagination and few opportunities to engage it. Take this skirt, for example. I've decided that this skirt belonged to a woman named Barbara, from Houston, who bought it from a fussy little boutique for a 15th anniversary cruise to Cancun with her husband Bob. She wore the skirt while dancing in the disco and drinking Mai Tai's and eating crab puffs from the buffet and making conversation with a perfectly lovely yet smothering couple from Cedar Rapids who insisted on talking about their prizewinning pigs the entire night. But no matter. In this skirt, Barbara felt young and glamorous and carefree.

Unfortunately, too many crab puffs and too much alcohol left Barbara bloated and paunchy, saddled with a ten-pound weight gain she could not shake. The skirt was left languishing in the back of her closet, taunting her with its slim waist, until she finally decided to donate it.

With a story like that, and a $2 price tag, this skirt was impossible for me to resist. Maybe I'll wear it during my own cruse someday. But for now, it adds a bit of gaudy glamour to my everyday routine.


  1. It's cute...and I love your imaginary 'Barbara'. In fact, I think your story is probably not so far off base...hahaha

  2. This is my favorite look from you. You look so young and I absolutely love how everything is put together. Completely something I would wear!

  3. i absolutely love that print on that skirt! and i love how you pull of that hem line on the skirt.


  4. Love your outfit. And you are just beautiful. I love your cut and color! It's just right for you! Happy Thursday.

  5. You look awesome in a tank top! I would wear everything here - head to toe!


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