{Daily outfit} A message from Dallas. 8.27.12

J Crew chambray shirt? Thrifted. Skirt? Old Navy. Sandals? Target. Vintage belt? Thrifted. Python clutch? Bon Ton Vintage.

Dallas last week:

"Guess what. y'all? Summer's over! Sure, it's 87 degrees out. But that's much, much cooler than the scorching heat you've pit-stained through since June, amirite? And it's rained. Rained. Actual water fell from the sky, just like you've read about in them books, which is either a sign of the apocalypse or concrete proof of the change in seasons. So start throwing down g's on those cozy cardigans J Crew has been tormenting y'all with. Get yer mouth parts ready for pumpkin lattes, and pumpkin muffins, and other tasty vittles with pumpkin in 'em. Light up the fire pit, make some chili, and dig them boots outta yer closet 'cause fall is here, bitches!

Dallas this week:


I am wearing long sleeves and a long skirt and dying of heat exhaustion. But I love this outfit nonetheless.


  1. I made chili already this past weekend--perfect food for the weather. After a summer of so many over 100 days, 80 feels downright cold.

  2. Dallas sounds pretty emotional, but I'd love to visit someday.

  3. OMGOSH... this cracked me up!!!! I live in Fort Worth so I feel ya!!!

  4. Love this look! I love chambray, but haven't thrifted one yet. I can't image ever shopping a regular store and paying full retail for anything! I love blogs that show their thrifty fashions! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Margaret @ Live Like No One Else


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