{Daily outfit} M-I-C-K-E-Y. 8.14.12

Vintage tee? Thrifted. Jeans? Citizens of Humanity. Belt? Forever 21. Rhinestone collar necklace? Forever 21. Shoes? Thrift. vintage clutch? Thrifted.

Kayne, Imma let you finish, but this might be my favorite outfit OF ALL TIME. I'm wearing a Mickey Mouse tee, which I thrifted for a dollar. MICKEY MOUSE. The coolest mouse ever, despite his commitment issues with Minnie and red shorts that kinda look like a diaper.

I wore this outfit to take my daughter out for our monthly Mommy-Daughter Day Out, in which we ate tuna salad sandwiches in an adorable little cafe and browsed antique stores and bought cherry popcorn, which was so sweet it made my teethe ache and tasted like instant diabetes. The weather was scorching but we were so busy talking that we hardly noticed. Sometimes the simplest moments - and tee shirts - are the best.


  1. So cute. Makes Mickey look a bit more sophisticated!

  2. Can I ask how you thrift shoes? I am never sure how healthy it is to buy used shoes, but they often tempt me. Any rules or things to think about?

    1. Hi here! I totally understand your squeamishness about thrifting shoes. I actually wrote a post in my thrifting 101 series about it. Check out Thrifting 101: How To thrift For Shoes http://dresswithcourage-elissa.blogspot.com/2012/01/thrifting-101-how-to-thrift-for-shoes.html. Hope this helps! And thanks for the comment!

    2. Thank you. We have few thrifting options in my town, but there is one place that tends to have shoes in my size fairly often. There's also ebay. This will help.

  3. Too cute!!! I absolutely LOVE Mickey and Minnie Mouse!


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