{Daily outfit} All mixed up. 8.16.12

Baseball Lynard Skynard tee? Thrifted. Vintage Avon skirt? Thrifted. Vintage belt? Vintage Martini. Sandals? Gap. Vintage clutch? Thrifted. Rhinestone collar necklace? Forever 21.

This outfit is what happens after you listen to endless hours of classic rock, watch the movie Almost Famous, read too many blogs, and decide that you absolutely MUST WEAR that silver double eagle vintage belt you just bought. I love that nothing in this outfit really goes together, and how that didn't bother me one bit. I love that this skirt is by Avon, a company I thought only created cosmetics, churned out some pretty garish skirts in the eighties. I love that I thrifted that clutch for fifty cents in a dank little Goodwll out in the middle of nowhere.

And I love that, essentially, this outfit is all about the belt. Which is totally bad-ass.


  1. I'm SOOOO jealous of that shirt! If you ever decide to sell it, do let me know :)

  2. Absolutely love this! The casual and feminine pieces tied together with the same color pallet. LOVES it Elissa!


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