I smile. 7.30.12

On Mondays I smile.

I share these moments with you.


When people ask me if I miss living in New York, my answer is usually an emphatic no. The traffic!, I complain. The noise!, I whine. The expense! I moan. But after my recent trip to the city, I am forced to change my answer. Sending a long weekend with my family was enough to make me long for a move back. Or at least another visit.

My personal philosophy, in a nutshell: Ain't no party like a vintage sequin party cause a vintage sequin party rocks.

To the person who decided to donate this 1930's typewriter to Thrift City in Richardson, Texas: I love you. For reals.

Two reasons why I need to learn how to sew. Aren't those full skirts divine?

The grand Weatherford, Texas courthouse, as seen from the Parker County peach festival. Not pictured: The homemade peach iced tea I guzzled while taking said photo. It was delicious.

This 1940's record console was approximately the size and weight of a small automobile.  I could imagine it in the home of a family who spent afternoons listening to Dizzy Gillespie, Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra. While it had fallen into disrepair and was beat up and dusty, it was begging for me to take it home. Sadly, as I have no experience repairing old record consoles, I left it behind.

Now it's your turn:
What are some things that make you smile last week?
Share your smiles in the comments!


  1. Did you purchase the typewriter? If so, I am so envious!

  2. so take a deep breath and go back to your roots.
    glad to see you back. you look great. back to school is almost here!!
    oy vey!!


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