{Daily outfit} Woah, we're halfway there. 6.26.12

 Cardigan? Gap Outlet. Gap tee shirt? Thrifted. J Crew skirt? Thrifted. Wedges? Miz Mooz. Gold bracelet? Forever 21. Handmade clutch? Giveaway coming soon!

Like all summers prior to this, the days are flying by. The heat is oppressive, energy levels sluggish, and outdoor activities limited to swimming, frantically darting in and out of air-conditioned business, and evenings spent drinking ice cold beers on restaurant patios. It doesn't seem like autumn, with its blissfully crisp mornings, splendor of changing leaves, and pumpkin everything will ever arrive.

But arrive it will. School supplies are beginning to fill store aisles. Catalogs heralding next season's must have sweaters and boots are filling my mailbox. And in a few short weeks my children will be trotting off to school. Summer's long days are halfway gone. And I, for one, couldn't be happier - mostly because I'm frustrated trying to dress for the 100+ degree temperatures outside, and arctic air conditioning inside. Hence this outfit. Fall layers up on top, summer bare legs down below.

Are you holding your breath for autumn too? Or do you relish summer?


  1. I really like this; very classic prep.

  2. I am LOVING summer! I just finished my master's degree so I can actually get outside for once, hooray! I also started training for my first race ever- a half marathon for charity, so while the heat gets me down, I appreciate the fact it's helping me prepare for a challenging run!

    I love your Miz Mooz wedges- I just picked up a pair of my own on sale and after breaking them in (do they give you blisters too? I've had two wedges of theirs that are just rough the first few wears!) they're great with just about any outfit.

    You look gorgeous darling!

  3. Normally I relish summer-I love each season as they come. But when we are having terrible drought and 100+ degree days in Ohio I am so over it. Over. It. I've worn my airy maxi dresses to shreds and am ready for sweaters, cords, boots, scarves, cider, and whiskey. Well....I'm always ready for the last on that list!

  4. I just want an 80 degree day--summer or fall.


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