{Daily outfit} Summer stripes. 6.25.12

Vintage dress? Thrifted. Vintage clutch? Estate sale. Vintage woven belt? Thrifted. Sandals? DSW. Michael Kors rose gold watch? Thrifted.

I thrifted this dress a few months ago and it has yet to be presented here on the blog, despite the fact that I've worn it approximately 526918 times (or maybe 6. I lost count.) It's one of those things you throw on when everything else in your closet feels too...complicated, like that romper we all somehow got suckered into buying last summer but just cannot bear to throw on anymore.

Rompers are inexplicably complicated. Dresses are not. I love this one because it's striped, full-skirted, and gives the illusion that my waist is smaller that it actually is, effectively hiding the food baby I conceived from last night's chicken and black bean fajita dinner.  In all seriousness, friends, we all should find that one PERFECT dress we can wear when that romper starts to look appealing. Because rompers are instruments of the devil.


  1. Haha - rompers as devilswear. Jumpsuits are too.
    No one ever mentions the problem of using the ladies' room and how EVERYTHING must be removed. My last romper episode was in the early 80s.

    Dresses = angelswear. A good summer dress is heaven.

  2. Down with the romper! Hooray for cinched waist, A-line skirts! You look totally adorable!

  3. That dress is too cute!! I totally need your vintage clutch, so never carry it around me, lol. Did you dye your hair?

  4. Luckily, I was never tempted by the rompers--too well remembering my middle school gym suit! This is a lovely dress on you and I can think of a zillion ways to style it.

  5. This dress was made for you!:)


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