{Daily outfit} Point of view. 7.20.12

Vintage embroidered top? Thrifted. Jeans? Citizen of Humanity. Vintage Whiting and Davis bag? Thrifted. Belt? Thrifted. Sandals? Gap. Leather cuff and turquoise necklace? Thrifted

I'll admit that there isn't much about this outfit that makes sense. It isn't elegant. It isn't trendy. It's not preppy, or classic, or even definable. Some would argue that it's not especially stylish, either. At it's most basic, it's a medley of a few favorite old pieces I grabbed from my closet and a recently thrifted vintage bag. But truthfully, in this mixed-up hodge podge of an outfit, I felt the most me.

I've realized lately that I've gotten a bit off track from my personal sense of style. At my core, I'd much rather wear something unique that compliments who I am rather than what's expected or trendy. The gift of fashion is that it allows us to communicate our individual sense of style in a creative, yet functional way. We can be classic, or ladylike, or sporty, or bohemian, or experimental. We can be feminine, or masculine, or a bit of both. We can show a lot of skin, or cover ourselves completely. We can slavishly follow trends or reject them entirely. Whether we're rich, or poor, or something in between, the way we dress is a pretty incredible device for communicating who we are to the world.

One of the things I enjoy most about thrifting is that it allows me to wear things that no one else owns. Like this bag. And this blouse. It takes courage to embrace being different. And, even better, it's a whole lot of fun!


  1. You know, as soon as I saw this outfit and before I even read the post, I thought about how comfortable you looked. I don't mean comfortable in the way pajamas make you feel, but comfortable in your own skin.

    You look happy.

  2. That is the cutest outfit I've seen you wear....It looks like following your fashion bliss works in spades!

  3. You look so comfortable in the outfit--who cares how it should be labeled!

  4. You know what? That outfit may not be any of the styles you listed but by 'eck its awesome :)
    Its exactly the sort of thing I love to wear on a laid back day, comfortable, effortless, cool (which is so important when dealing with high temps).

    And you're right, it is YOU.

  5. you look so cute

  6. You look wonderful and happy and remind me of Bridget Fonda in Single White Female.

    - Tessa

  7. Oh yeah, and welcome back!

    - Tessa (longtime reader & lurker)

  8. Okay, I have to tell you this- I don't know what you are doing, if you have a new haircut, or some (ahem) dead weight in your life has been removed or what- but you look fabulous. I noticed it from your first post after the break, and once again I'm struck by this difference... you've always been pretty, but wow! Everything's working, hair, smile and outfit! Way to go!

  9. I would argue that your outfit is adorable and looks great on you. I am drooling over your Whiting and Davis bag. I have a few of those in tiny evening bag size but have never seen one big enough to carry as a day bag. Hmmm....something else to be on the hunt for :)

  10. And you know what? It really shows that you feel in "your skin" with this meltin' pot of styles on you, cause you look amazing! You really can tell when someone feels comfortable or not! And when someone feels ok he/she shines! :D Keep up the good work and the thrifting ;D

  11. I just ran across your blog, and as a fellow thrifter I felt obligated to drop by and say hi! Love the outfit, it looks comfy and unique, and I think that makes it fantastic. :) And I agree, I love that by thrifting I find items that no one else owns, rather than picking up 1 out of the 30 identical tops sitting at a store rack!

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