{Daily outfit} Pocketed. 7.18.12

Tee shirt? Gap Outlet. Vintage 1950's skirt? Thrifted. Bruno Magli wedges? Thrifted. Vintage clutch? Snagged from my friend Jamie.

Tied with 1940's pickup trucks, pretzel M&M's, babies with red hair, never-before-seen episodes of New Girl and Woodford whiskey, a vintage skirt with pockets emphatically ranks near the top of my list of things that make me happy. I like having pockets to warm my hands when I'm in a location that insists on blasting its air conditioning at arctic temperatures. Pockets are also helpful for stashing the little things my kids discover during the day, like loose change that has mysteriously escaped my wallet and illicit candy snagged from kindly bank tellers.

So hurray to skirts with pockets. And pretzel M&M's too. Because they're delicious.

(Thank you for yesterday's warm welcome back to blogging.  It meant so much.)


  1. I didn't check yesterday, but I did today. How nice to see you back! And in that wonderful skirt . . .

    Also, I've never heard of pretzel M&Ms - thanks for the tip.

  2. Pink and green is my favorite color combo. You are too cute. :)

  3. What a beautiful skirt! that patterns is so lovely. Also, I sure do love me some new episodes of New Girl, it's ridiculous how obsessed I am with that show.

  4. This ensemble makes me swoon. Both dressy and casual at once. Now I am running out to thrift with earnest.

  5. I'm entirely with you on the pocketed skirts AND the red-headed babies. I had expected to have them as my mother is a red-head. No such luck. :(

  6. I would take it a step further and say that DRESSES with pockets are like a gift from on high. The first time I purchased one, my eyes lit up like a toddler's on Christmas, and I thought, "This is what Heaven is like."

  7. I love this outfit and would totally wear it. You've been looking fantastic lately - like, you're whole being looks more relaxed and happier. I hope good times are ahead for you and that you finding what you truly want/need/deserve.


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