Thrifting 101: Going vintage for Father's Day

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Fathers, and guys in general, are notoriously difficult to shop for. They're either too picky or terminally against receiving presents or just prefer to make their own purchases. However, you might be surprised to learn that many men are open to receiving a gift that's unique, specially tailored to their interests, and shows that you've put time and thought into it.

And that's where vintage comes in.

Guys love classic, broken-in, nostalgic pieces. And if your dad is a pop culture enthusiast, sharp dresser, handyman, sports fan or beer drinker, you can easily find him something unique at a thrift store or vintage shop. So instead of dragging yourself to the mall to pick up a present, why not head over to your local Goodwill or charity shop? You might be surprised to learn what you can find!

For the fashion lover

mens vintage

Vintage blazers, ties, hats, and shirts can help your dad channel his inner Mad Men character or style icon. Vintage cuff links are another nice touch. Don't forget to have clothes washed or dry-cleaned before gifting them!

For the liquor aficionado


Barware, shot glasses, cocktail shakers and beverage advertising memorabilia can all be found at vintage and thrift stores. If you dad is a drinker, he'd probably love a unique piece to add to his home bar.

For the music fan


I spied this gorgeous 1960's record and radio console in an antique mall and immediately knew it'd make a great gift for any music fan. Pair it with a few albums from you dad's favorite band for a memorable present.

For the teenager at heart


What guy doesn't have a healthy love of pop culture? A tee shirt, book, board game or toy from your dad's childhood will thrill him!

For the handyman or collector

vintage lunchbox

Does your dad like to tinker and fix things? Is there anything special or unique that he collects? Is he drawn to the antique, the rusty, the broken-down and beat up? You'll have great luck finding this type of guy a gift at the thrift store.

Would you give your dad vintage for Father's Day? What are you buying him this year?

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  1. I love the tool box. That would be perfect for my Dad.


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