{Recommended reading} Already Pretty: Learning to Love Your Body by Learning To Dress It Well

I'm so pleased to share the news that my friend, mentor, and all-around positive body image and style goddess Sally McGraw has published a book! Sal's blog, Already Pretty, was one of the very first blogs I subscribed to. Her insight, wisdom, wardrobe advice and intelligent discourse on body image has been a consistent source of inspiration for me. Here's a brief synopsis of her book:

Structured as a fun and accessible self-guided makeover, Already Pretty is the antidote to cookie-cutter style guides. Instead of dumping you into a body type category and restricting what you can and cannot wear, this friendly, funny, body-positive book presents a highly customizable regimen to help you define and hone your own personal style. Already Pretty reveals the fundamentals of fashion and figure flattery, but also encourages you to create a style that is both expressive and unique. A true guidebook to crafting personal style, this book teaches women to love their bodies, dress impeccably, and embrace the philosophy that dressing well is key to living well.

Like the PDF that Sal launched way back in 2011, her book is basically a self-guided makeover. But it’s longer and more in-depth and it’s got PHOTOS! The book is packed with enlightening exercises, mix-and-match figure flattery techniques, and effective tutorials that illustrate how personal style can foster self-love and self-respect.

Sal's book is available through Createspace, the same publishing service I used to create my own book. If you're thinking about publishing a traditional library-bound book or e-book, I can't recommend Createspace highly enough.

You can purchase Sal's book through this link starting on June 22nd. I hope you show your support of this fabulous woman by buying a copy. I am sure it'll be a valuable resource to your own library!

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  1. Oh Elissa, thank you so much! And, actually, the link you've used is live right now, if anyone wants to buy the book ... Amazon link forthcoming. ;)


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