{I Smile} Week in review 6.17.12

I smile. 

I share these moments with you. 



I was greeted by this lovely handmade flyer while grabbing coffee at my favorite little coffee shop. This week I chose faith. What would you chose?

These faces always make me smile. 

This is a pirate ship-themed shaved ice stand near my house, complete with cannons and a mast with a carved well-endowed lady pointing the way. This is totally awesome.

Your eyes are not deceiving you: This is a marvelous display of human hair in a can, spotted at the thrift store. This is most definitely not awesome.

Fact: A breakfast burrito in the shape of a heart tastes much better than an ordinary breakfast burrito.

My job at a vintage shop has presented me with a quandary. I am absolutely thrilled beyond measure working there...but I want to spend my entire paycheck on the clothes I'm surrounded by. Case in point: this fifties swimsuit with ric rack trim. I want it with the desperation of a toddler begging for a lollypop.

Now it's your turn:

What are some things that make you smile this week?

Share your smiles in the comments!

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