{Almost daily outfit of the day} Fly like an eagle. 6.11.12

Vintage Wrangler shirt; Forever 21 tee; vintage thrifted shorts; Target sneakers; vintage turquoise and coral earrings

Once upon a time, this vintage Wrangler denim shirt had patches of soaring eagles on it. You can still see their shadow, wings spread just above the snap front pockets. I like to imagine the gentleman who took the time to iron these patches on. I am certain he rode a Harley with an exhaust system so loud it set off car alarms; smoked unfiltered Marlboro's; dated a woman named Darlene; had a long, stringy mullet; and drank Bud Light with a whiskey chaser at a bar with a name like Buckwild's or Hawg Hallow.

I'd like to have met this man, and perhaps bought him a drink. Anyone who takes the time and care to alter an article of clothing in order to celebrate a bird is a friend of mine.

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  1. Yipee! You're wearing shorts! Very cute outfit. Shorts are hard for me to do to. I have "Solid Scottish legs" and I always feel stubby. Thanks for dressing with courage. You look great :) Stacey
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