{Almost daily outfit of the day} Denim fairy tale. 5.21.12

Thrifted vintage silk blouse; thrifted Bitten jeans; Gap belt; Nine West pumps; estate sale vintage clutch;  Forever 21 pyramid bracelet; thrifted Michael Kors watch

Once upon a time there lived a girl who was obsessed with jeans. She spent countless hours in malls, department stores, boutiques and off-priced retailers searching for the perfect pair. She talked to friends about the benefits of high-rise versus low-rise, boot-cut versus straight leg, skinny versus flared. She poured over blogs featuring long-limbed young women cavorting in fields with their hipster boyfriends in their jeans. She wished she was them.

It was very tiring, this obsession with jeans.

In pricey boutiques, she examined designer jeans. "Too expensive!" she huffed.
In Old Navy, she pulled on straight-legs. "Not flattering!" she exclaimed.
In The Gap and Nordstrom's and J Crew and Madewell, she tried skinny legged versions. "I can't breathe!" she panted.

Then she went thrifting. And there, among the eighties pleated and tapered jeans, she spied the perfect pair. They were distressed, but not too distressed. High rise, but not too high. Slim-legged, but not too skinny.

They were also $2.95.

They were perfect. The girl was happy. And she stopped obsessing about jeans once and for all.


  1. Cute post! It made me smile : ) You look great in purple, it really compliments your hair!


  2. It's always so hard for me to find jeans at the thrift shop. Maybe next time I go, I'll focus solely on jeans!

  3. Oh, man, do I miss Bitten!

  4. Ha! What a great post! Completely relatable. I hate jeans shopping...they're either never long enough or they're too tight in the thigh area.

  5. P.S. Those jeans look fantastic on you!!


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