{Almost daily outfit of the day} What goes around comes around 4.18.12

Thrifted tee shirt; Urban Outfitters polka dot jeans; thrifted Banana Republic flats; Forever 21 belt; Forever 21 and vintage bracelets; thrifted Michael Kors rose gold watch

The last time I wore something so adamantly neon I was in the seventh grade, had a perm, and spent an embarrassing amount of time trying to decide whether Whitney Houston, Debbie Gibson, or Madonna was the better singer. Madonna wore a lot of neon. I too wore a lot of neon, though I preferred to limit myself to socks and belts and tee shirts, avoiding the day-glo underwear Madonna flaunted.

Truthfully, I never thought I'd see neon clothes trending again, but then again I couldn't conceive that Madonna would someday be a mom and take on an affected English accent and drop her lingerie-as-outwear uniform. That was just too weird.


  1. Yay for neon!! This is such a fun and cute look!

  2. Ugh... you thrifted your neon top while I bought mine at a craft store. You win.
    Nevermind, Madonna and her newly acquired accent wins...


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