{Almost daily outfit of the day} Stress relief 4.11.12

Thrifted Splendid tee; Gap Outlet skirt; thrifted Fossil belt; Steve Madden pumps; thrifted  Michael Kors rose gold watch; Forever 21 bracelets

I'm going through a pretty stressful time at home. People react to stress in a variety of different ways. Some turn to healthy, mindful activities, like yoga or running or swimming. Others channel their energy into things like knitting and journaling. A few find their way to therapy and psychotropic medication. Then there are the not-so-healthy coping mechanisms - drinking, and smoking, and maybe even drugs.

My coping mechanism? Thrifting. When I'm sad and anxious and depressed and overwhelmed, I thrift. But then again, come to think of it...when I'm happy, I thrift. When I'm bored, I thrift. When I'm joyful or serene or inspired or broke (always broke), I thrift. I suppose I'm lucky to have stumbled on such a therapeutic hobby. Especially when it gifts me with things like new-with-tags Fossil belts for $2.


  1. Love the flirty, femininity of this outfit! Such a great color scheme for you!



  2. (((Hugs))) Wish I had better words to make your anxiety and stress ease, but all I can do is send you virtual hugs. And tell you that last fall when I was going through some difficult times all my blogging friends made life bearable. Hang in there. I'm sending lots of positive energy and thoughts your way from the farm fields of Northwest Ohio.

  3. love your belt! very nice casual styling.

    Inside and Outside Blog

  4. Agreed...nothing like retail therapy at the local thrift shop to turn the day around. BTW...I just picked up that exact same skirt at our local GAP outlet too. It has got to be the most flattering, flirty, comfortable skirt I have ever owned.


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