{Almost daily outfit of the day} In the pink 4.13.12

Thrifted vintage silk blouse; Joe's Jeans capris; Stuart Weitzman wedges; thrifted vintage clutch; 
Gap belt

Pink is the blush of love on a date. It's the soft bloom of a baby's cheek. It's the gentle sway of a peony and the sharp tartness of lemonade. Pink was the shade of my very first lip gloss, a sticky concoction named something like 'Razzleberry' or 'Flirt' which made me feel very grown up. Pink is the mouth-puckering sweetness of candy, the kind that stains your tongue and gets lodged in between your teeth. Pink is joy, and giggles, and peonies, and Barbie's corvette. It's a color that always makes me smile. In pink, I feel pretty, and lighthearted, and feminine and cheerful.

What does pink do for you? What are your favorite colors to wear?


  1. That pink blouse is so freaking gorgeous!! If I ever come to Dallas, it shall be coming with me.

    Pink has always been one of my favorite colors, so it makes me happy, but then again wearing any color makes me happy, lol.

  2. That clutch!!!!!!!!!! I DIE!

  3. Love this look, you're really pretty!


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