On Sundays I Smile - Week in review 3.18.12

On Sundays I smile.

I share these moments with you.


My idea of heaven looks somewhat like this: a gigantic warehouse filled to the brim with vintage dresses, blazers, blouses, lingerie and pants, some dating to the Victorian era, and all priced between $2 and $9. I bought enough dresses, blazers, and blouses to warrant a $100 dry cleaning bill and fully stock my vintage shop (coming soon to Etsy.)

The weather has been so spring-like and pretty here in Dallas that I was able to take my kids to the Dallas Arboretum this week for Spring Blooms. The Arboretum is one of my favorite places in the city, and if you ever visit Dallas I highly recommend you go (and come and visit me too!) It's a perfect little slice of beauty is this great big bustling city.

The Arboretum is also a popular place for girls celebrating their Quinceaneras to have their photos taken. These are just two of the many girls I spotted. I'm not going to lie - their dresses make me insanely jealous.

To  conclude this post, here is a photo of the hot toddie that I drank last night out of a very special mug my daughter made. I have pneumonia. Again. Trust me when I insist that the extra whiskey added was for medicinal purposes only. I'll be taking a couple of days off from blogging to recover.

Now it's your turn. 

What were the best parts of your week? Leave a comment and share your smiles!

Some photos taken with Instagram: dresscourage


  1. new follower! that first picture makes me giddy as well...where was that?? i'm a fellow thrifting junkie.

  2. Thanks for the follow! Are you based in Dallas? It was an unpublicized sale that's still taking place. Drop me an email at dresswithcourage(at)gmail(dot)com and I'll send you the address! Hopefully you're local and can go!

    1. Aw sorry to hear you have pneumonia. I use to get it all the time. Try Yogi Tea Breathe Deep. It'll clear out the passages in the lungs and help reduce inflammation. Its wonderful!

    2. drats thought that might be the case - i'm in austin...but thank you! can't wait to see what you got!

  3. Love your blog - read it all the time. FYI, I used to get pneumonia many times and finally a doctor that I needed a pneumonia vaccine. I had never heard of such a thing but readily agreed to it. It's been 15 years and I haven't had it since. Well, worth it.

  4. I am jealous of two things... that warehouse of vintage goodness and the Arboretum. Perfectly aligned plantings make my heart skip for some strange reason...
    Enjoy the time off. Relaxxxx... with a bit of whiskey..:)

  5. New follower as well! I like your outfits! Feel better!

  6. I have never before seen examples of quincinera dresses and they ARE gorgeous. Take care of yourself--hot toddies are good.

  7. On Quinceaneras: I attended/photographed my first this year. The most touching event ever...if you ever have a chance, they are the sweetest.

    On whiskey: There's a reason why our grandparents did the toddy for a cold!

    Take care!

  8. The poofy dresses are spectacular!


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