On Sundays I Smile - Week in review 2.19.12

On Sundays I share things that made me smile the previous week.

Antique Elegance Vintage Show 2/18

Victorian gold engagement bangles, the precursor to the modern day engagement rings. They were often engraved with flowers, scrolling, and the wearer's initials.

Snakeskin and crocodile bags from Vintage Martini's booth.

Henry Bendel's

Valentine's Day 

Dinner at Spoon's Restaurant, historic McKinney Square

Thrift scores of the week

1970's Coach 'Stewardess' satchel, thrifted at Goodwill

Ferragamo blow flats, thrifted at the Salvation Army, Dallas

Now it's your turn: What are some things that made you smile this week? Grab my button and blog about your Sunday smiles; share your weekly smiles in the comments; or smile just because it makes you feel good.

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  1. I thrifted a madras skirt I'll wear sometime this summer. Once I got it home, I kept asking myself what seemed so familiar about it. Discovered a jacket I thrifted two years ago that is the exact same fabric. Voila, I have a casual summer "suit."


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