{Almost daily outfit of the day} RIP winter 2.1.12

Forever 21 denim jacket; Target long-sleeved tee; thrifted vintage Kenar skirt; Spanx tights; 6x6 by Urban Outfitters ankle boots; Charming Charlie and Forever 21 bracelets

I feel like everyone I know is talking about spring.

Some people dream of it. Other's dread spring's side effects (rain, allergies.) And then there are those who are positively bereft that this winter's tepid march continues for another two months. On Pinterest, users are pinning things like floral sheer blouses and pastel sweater sets and bouquets of tulips and misty photos of woods shrouded in spring fog. On Twitter, bloggers are trading links to J Crew's spring collection. And everyone - and I do mean everyone - is discussing the lack of snow and bitter temperatures and desire for short sleeves and tightless legs.

If you're a living, breathing human who has been affected by winter's gloom at some point in your life, praying for spring makes sense. I too have found myself desperately wishing for warm weather, for buds on trees and daffodils swaying cheerfully in the soft spring breeze. But when spring does come, I find myself missing my warm cocoon of winter clothes. I miss my tights, and suede skirts, and tall boots, and cuddly blanket of wool sweaters.

This outfit might be my last hurah to winter - temperatures have been in the seventies here in Dallas. So I'm going to enjoy it.



  1. I figure you're the best person to ask this- I'm new to Dallas, and I'm looking to go thrifting for some new clothes soon. Where is the best place to go? Love the blog! Thank you!! :D

  2. Ooh, your tattoo looks quite different, no? Or am I just not remembering how it was....


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