{Almost daily outfit of the day} Five a.m 2.3.12

shorts tights
Thrifted vintage blazer; thrifted J Crew button-down; thrifted vintage Levi's (chopped by me); Target tights; vintage thrifted Coach satchel; thrifted Marc Fisher loafers

I have gotten into the bewildering habit of waking up exactly 45 minutes before my alarm goes off. I startle suddenly out of a deep sleep, glance at the alarm clock, curse, and implore myself not to fall back asleep because, well, what's the point. After which I naturally fall back asleep and have a hallucinogenic dream where I'm stuck on the 1 line of the NYC subway and am being chased by a man trying to sell me Anna Wintour's collection of Chanel twin sets. Maybe this is just what happens when you get older. Soon I'll be eating dinner at 4 pm, upping my fiber content, watching old episodes of Matlock and yelling at kids to get off my lawn.

grey blazer



  1. I love your outfit... Confortable, simple and beautiful :)

    I am following you since now, really like your blog... I hope you have a chance to take a look at mine too!


  2. LOL @ being chased by the man trying to sell you Anna Wintour's twin sets for Chanel, lol. Such a cute look!! I've been looking for polka dot tights at Target, guess i have to drive up to Dallas :-).

  3. Wish I could develop this habit of waking BEFORE the alarm. I'm admiring the jacket, particularly the piping.

  4. I did the 45 minute thing today!


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