Join me at the 2012 Texas Style Council Conference!

I'm gearing up to start what might be the busiest three months of my life. On Monday registration for The Texas Style Council Conference opened, and I began my job as community outreach manager and social media coordinator. I will be responsible for updating the blog, Twitter account (@TXstylecouncil), and Facebook page.

When I attended the conference last year I was a very, very new to blogging. I wanted to learn how to improve my content and most effectively use social media to find an audience. I was interested in meeting bloggers I admired and considered experts in their topics. And I was especially eager to network with other personal style bloggers and make connections I hoped to keep.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the Texas Style Council was focused on creating genuine connections between the attendees and encouraging bloggers and brands to be the best version of of themselves, no matter how big or how small. I was impressed by how approachable each panel was, and how eager speakers were to answer questions and give advice. The three days I spent at the conference were by far the most fun-filled I've ever had.

The 2011 conference was praised for being "relatable, comfortable, and approachable" and it is my hope and intention that the 2012 conference retains its "girl next door" vibe. Instead of covering topics traditionally covered at blogger conferences, such as monetization, implementing ads, and methods to approaching sponsors, the Texas Style Council Conference will be focused on creating community, using blogs as a launching pad for greater goals, increasing inspiration and creativity, using social media in innovative ways, and being the best blogger or business you can be -  no matter your size.

During the three days of this year's conference, two days will be dedicated to networking and meeting new people and brands, and one full day will be devoted to a social media symposium where bloggers and brands can learn new ways to connect with each other, their readers, companies, and customers.

The conference should be a place where all attendees can learn how to be inspired to create fresh and engaging content every day by gaining new tools. Ideally, these tools will help bloggers think and grow beyond their blog. Today, bloggers are finding success beyond their computers, whether as authors, speakers, social media experts or retail store owners. With a focus of thinking beyond the blog, there is no limit as to what we can accomplish.

The 2011 conference sold out within a week (!!!!). If you are thinking of coming to the 2012 conference, make sure you reserve your space before it is too late. And don't be shy - if you have a question or need some advice, drop me an email at dresswithcourage(at) I'd love to talk to you!

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  1. I wanted to come last year, but I'll surely be there in March!!


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