{Almost daily outfit of the day} Sure footed 1.30.12

Jeffrey Campbell Lita
Forever 21 denim jacket; vintage thrifted Wrangler shirt; Gap legging jeans; Target satchel; Jeffrey Campbell 'Lita' ankle boots; Michael Kors rose gold watch; Buffalo Exchange necklaces

As a child, I was struck with the terrible affliction of having flat feet. This meant not only a need for orthopedic inserts for my shoes, but truly ugly shoes to hold them. These were shoes my mom bought at Buster Brown - sensible, solid things that were the equivalent of wearing a station wagon on my feet and made me feel clumsy and awkward.

Fortunately, as a grown woman, my flat feet are no longer a problem. So I can wear the footwear equivalent of a Jackson Pollock painting without hesitation. These Litas are surprising comfortable and made me feel supermodel tall. Six year-old me would have been insanely jealous.


Target neon


  1. Those are ah-maz-ing! Their shape reminds me of a pair of shoes I had in high school...they had clear soles...thick platformed ones. Topped with black crushed velvet booties. Total 90's shoes. I adored them. I felt very "Cher" from Clueless whenever I put them on my feet.

  2. Your shoes are AMAZING! And you are SO pretty!

  3. ". . . sensible, solid things that were the equivalent of wearing a station wagon on my feet" - This is one of many reasons I so enjoy your writing. And the shoes are amazing and delightful and really rather terrifying. I'm glad that six-year-old you approves!

  4. you look so fashion forward!! i need those shoes in my life :D


  5. Oh, I was obliged to wear the sturdy Buster Brown shoes as well. As a kid, we got a pair of school shoes every fall and a new pair of tennies every summer. Shoes with heels this tall make me feel like a giraffe though!

  6. I loove your short hair! I just did a collection of short hair ladies on my blog and I wish I'd found you sooner! I'll still happily follow now!
    Those litas are pretty insane, you look awesome.

  7. I love looking at those shoes online but I seriously have yet to see anyone look better than Gaga does in similar shoes haha. However, I love those. Not that I would be caught dead wearing them but they look super snazzy!

  8. Ciao/Hi there in Texas
    Great Blog and Your Style in wearing is so Unique, Artistic!
    Ciao dall'Italia/Greetings from Italy by fellow Artist Aurè

  9. Guess I won't be able to move if I wear that stiletto of yours! LOL!

  10. Love this, especially the way the shoes and bag compliment each other! I'm still suffering from shoe envy!


  11. Those shoes are daring and brave and a little wicked. Love them!


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