{Almost daily outfit of the day} Members only 1.23.12

Vintage thrifted suede Member's Only jacket; vintage thrifted suede skirt; thrifted J Crew long sleeved tee; American Apparel tights; vintage Frye boots (eBay); thrifted Michael Kors rose gold watch

Today, I am a Member.

The Members Only jacket was one of those strange little pieces of 1980's fashion iconography that was beloved by both cultural icons and basement-dwelling Dungeons and Dragons geeks. Joined by such bizarre creations as neon leggings and boxy blazers, it's part of a select group of vintage clothing that has inexplicably become embraced by today's hipster. I blame the knit cuffs and epaulets, which help the wearer channel their inner rebel while respecting their sartorially challenged nature.

When I thrifted this jacket a year ago, I wondered about the person who originally owned it. Did they wear it with peg-legged jeans while engaged in competitive role playing games? Did the jacket encourage them to imagine they were Michael J Fox, out for a martini at some garish neon-accented bar? Maybe they wore it to a Hall and Oates concert and bragged to their friends that it was genuine suede, and thus rare and expensive. Who knows.


  1. I love this outfit! I always secretly coveted my dad's Members Only jacket when I was a kid. This looks amazing on you!

  2. Love you boots!


  3. Ooooooh, girl! That outfit is all kinds of awesome. I love how the navy (black?) background created by the tights, skirt, and top lets those AMAZING boots and jacket shine! Also, is that MO jacket corduroy or suede or something? What a great find!

  4. a very beautiful outfit! the boots are so gorgeous!
    xxx Anita

  5. I am insanely jellz of this jacket. Seriously. You have no idea. LOVE IT. The rest of the outfit is darn cute, to boot.

  6. and I wonder where on earth did you find it? you are such an expert at thrifting! I love that jacket!


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