{Almost daily outfit of the day} Flummoxed. 1.6.12

Thrifted Gap cardigan; American Eagle thermal tee; Gap legging jeans; Gap belt; DSW boots; thrifted vintage Coach bag

I tend to avoid waxing poetic about my clothes too much here on the blog. But today I would like to address the love-hate relationship I have with this cardigan. Wearing it demands the labor-intensive, fastidious, and specific placement of a belt to ensure the presence of my waist and prevention of unflattering bunching and resulting illusion of a food baby. Furthermore, the heavy wool knit demands a cold, blustery day to avoid sweltering to death. However, the cardigan's dreamy colors and cozy hug comfort me in a way few articles of clothing do. I suppose that in clothes, much as in life, you can't have it all.


  1. LOVE that cardigan and how you belted it.

  2. even if the cardigan has obviously his own mind, well: it is beautiful!
    xxx Anita

  3. You work harder than me -- this is exactly the kind of thing I can't stand to deal with myself. The precise belt placement with the risk of things moving all around. Ugh! I like things to stay put so I can forget about them. You make it look easy, but you won't trick me into trying such things ;-)

  4. I have a piece or two like this. I save them for around-the-house wear when I reserve the right to be comfortable even while looking lumpy!


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