{Almost daily outfit of the day} English heart 1.9.12

Vintage thrifted blazer; thrifted cashmere sweater; thrifted J Brand jeans; vintage mink stole; Dolce Vita wedges; Rebecca Minkoff crossbody bag

I've never been to London. I've never explored an English castle or climbed into a crumbling 16th century turret. I've never ridden through the countryside on horseback, wind whipping my hair. I haven't taken afternoon tea in  Kensington's Milestone Hotel. I've never sat in a dark pub drinking Guinness (or whatever the English like to drink) while watching a rousing football match on the telly. I've yet to slink through London's snug streets at night, feet striding on weathered cobblestone. I've never caught a bus in Trafalger Square.  And I've never, ever eaten fish and chips wrapped in newspaper and doused in vinegar - the proper English way. Not even once. 

But I did borrow a bit of dress from the English today with my tweed blazer and elbow patches. My outfit might be accessorized by a New York accent, but my inner Londoner is quite happy, mates.


  1. Totally diggin the stole/tweed combo.

  2. really nice outfit - lovely with this fur scarf!
    xxx Anita

  3. You've GOT to go to London! One of my favorite cities! And home to many nice bloggers.

  4. I'm gree with envy over that jacket. Gah!


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