On Sundays I Smile - Week in review December 4th

On Sundays I review the past week and I Smile. I share these moments with you.

There are lots of things I miss about living in New York. The way the city sparkles at night. The ritualistic pairing of the Sunday New York Times and an everything bagel. A fantastic slice of pizza, eaten standing up on the sidewalk. And Mallomars. Mallomars are, to put it bluntly, the world's greatest cookie. A fluff of marshmallow and crunchy layer of graham cracker nestled under a thin layer of chocolate, Mallomars are everything that is right in the world. I thought Mallomars could only be bought in the northeast during the winter, when the cooler temperatures keeps the chocolate from melting. But this week my husband ordered me three boxes from Amazon. And now I have a little piece of my New York childhood right here with me in Texas.

Yesterday marked the return of the Dallas Flea, a small, indoor flea market that takes place every three months. The weather was kind of awful, which made for the perfect day to wander around examining all of the booths. There was an interesting mix of vintage clothing, jewelry, and housewares,  as well as food trucks and people watching. I fell in love with this vintage 1960's beaded dress from Pocketful of Pearls, though it was a bit out of my price range. And, let's face it, I have zero need for a beaded yellow vintage cocktail dress. 

Two months ago, one of my darling twin boys spilled an entire cup of water over my laptop, giving me both permanent heart damage and the excuse to purchase a new laptop. I saved the old one in the vain hope I'd be able to extract my photos and other documents from it. Alas, that was not to be. However, my boys spent most of yesterday dismantling the old laptop in order to "fix it" and see how it works. It was kind of fascinating.

Also entrancing: These vintage Moschino 'lips' heels. You have to love the complete lack of subtlety on these babies.

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While I'm picking up tiny screws and bits of plastic left scattered around my house, catch up on everything from Dress With Courage over the past week:
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  1. This week I:

    Ate no sugar, and overcame some serious cravings for German Chocolate Cake.

    Scored a lovely Oriental scarf and blogged about it: http://softexplosions.blogspot.com/2011/11/thrifted-serendipity.html

    Spent great time with family.

    Made Pizzeles, Italian waffle cookies, with a friend.

    Read "Beloved" by Toni Morrison--a book like none I've ever pondered before.

  2. lovely photos, those shoes are amazing!

  3. NY Times + everything bagel with cream cheese and tomato = LIFE

    -Aly @ therosealley.com

  4. My parents were discussing Mallomars today!


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