Five things I always wanted for Hanukkah but never got (and still kind of want)

I had a pretty decent childhood, as childhoods go. I can't recall being particularly in need of anything. But you remember that feeling of anticipation on Christmas morning (or in my case, Hanukkah eve) when you excitedly clawed the wrapping paper off a gift just to discover, with crushing disappointment, that said gift wasn't exactly what you were hoping for? Yeah, I was plenty familiar with that. To this day, there remains a list of things I desperately, passionately wanted for Hanukkah that I just never got, despite what I am sure was persistent and obnoxious begging.

So today, as I lounge around the house in a post-holiday haze, I'm sharing that list with you. 

  • A Barbie Dream House: I loved Barbie. Frankly, I wanted to be Barbie, what with her endless wardrobe of shiny satin dresses that velcroed up the back and and permanent blue eyeshadow that swept to her eyebrows and perpetually perky smile. I wanted to zip around in Barbie's pink Corvette, and get escorted to parties by Ken. But mostly I wanted Barbie's Dream House. It had an elevator, and balconies, and a vanilla-scented kitchen where Barbie could prepare things like plastic cupcakes.
  • A pony: I wasn't a particularly athletic child. I was asthmatic, and chubby, and spent hours in my room reading Anne of Green Gables rather than  playing soccer or softball or gymnastics or any of the myriad of sports my friends did. But I nursed deep, deep dreams of being an equestrian. I wanted my own horse more than anything in the world. I would name it Buttercup and feed it sugar cubes and essentially be exactly like Elizabeth Taylor in National Velvet.

    • A pool: As a kid, I wasn't friends with wealthy people. But I did watch Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, which featured fabulously wealthy and gorgeous people and their overdecorated California mansions, complete with swimming pools. My logic for wanting a swimming pool went like this: If I had a pool, I too would be fabulously wealthy and gorgeous. There. Logic. It makes sense.
    • Long shiny blonde hair: Basically, think Christy Brinkley, but without the serial marriages. 

        • Roller skates:  These days, children have birthday parties in places like private art studios and the club room at Rangers ballpark and indoor mountain climbing gyms. In my day, there was the roller rink. The roller rink smelled like sweat socks and played disco music on an endless loop. It was where you hung out with your friends and got your first kiss and ate soggy french fries. Those in the know brought their own roller skates with them. They were crafted from white leather with giant glittery rubber wheels. I, however, was a renter. To this day I long for those fancy roller skates, except mine would be pink. Or leopard. 

            Now I ask you: What are some things you wanted for Christmas (or Hanukkah) as a kid but never got and still kind of want?


            1. awww, these are sooo dreamy! Love your always wants for Hanukkah. I really need to create the same list... I'm not even sure what would be on it! Oh, and while roller skating is not (I'm so awful), those leopard ones are pretty spectacular. Happy Hanukkah!

            2. A close childhood friend had that Barbie Dream House. I was insanely jealous. She wasn't a bosom friend, like Diana Barry, so I didn't feel bad about coveting her toys so uncharitably.

              As to long, shiny, blonde hair - I wanted this, of course, but my role models were the Sweet Valley Twins.

            3. I always wanted a pair of white roller skates that laced up. Every year I asked for them and was always disappointed. I had a pair of the expandable type that you strapped your regular shoes into. I always hated them and wanted a pair with the boot attached.

            4. I always wanted an endless supply of great clothes & was always disappointed with my scarce trappings. I finally figured out the secret as an adult-- thrift it! If it doesn't fit just right, you get tired of it, or just whatever...thrift it back! It's an endless supply of goodness ;)

              If only I'd known that as a teenager!

            5. I always wanted an Erector Set, and I never got one. As soon as my niece and nephew are old enough, I'm going to get them one. And then I'm going to play with it!

            6. I wanted that Barbie dream house too! I asked for it every year (for Christmas) and finally one year I got the dream "cottage"...not quite the same but I guess my parents thought so.

            7. I can't think of anything I wanted but didn't get as a child. But, there a a few things I had when I was about 7 or 8 that I wish I could have again. I would like Santa to bring me:

              1) Easy Bake Oven
              2) Sew Perfect Sewing Machine
              3) Holly Hobby radio

              Those were my absolute favorite Christmas gifts. Oh, I did want the Barbie Penthouse with the elevator that went up & down with a pull string.

            8. Roller skates, or even better, inline skates.

              Those cross-your-eyes-and-the-picture-pops-out puzzle books.

              Cool clothes. Somehow I always seemed to miss the mark of dressing like my peers; I usually felt like I looked like a frumpy middle-aged lady.

              Books that I liked, in hardback, unabridged versions. Mom didn't believe in buying books when the library had them for free. "You only read them once and then they sit on the shelf, collecting dust," she said.

            9. I had that exact Barbie dream house in the picture growing up. I'd like to tell you that it wasn't that awesome, but I'd be lying. It was even big enough for Barbie's pet My Little Ponies to come live inside. Now I want a victorian doll house that I can paint and decorate myself.

            10. where do i get those roller boots from, i need some new ones and want them leopard print ones soooo badlyxxxx


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