Fashion Beauty Friend Friday: Holiday wish lists

This week, Fashion Beauty Friend Friday is gearing up for the holidays by having members share items from their wish lists. This is bound to be one of the more fun topics FBFF has, and I'm looking forward to seeing what other members hope to find underneath their Christmas trees.

Here are a few things I'd love to see on Christmas morning:

iPhone 4S

I am not the type to get at all excited over electronics. But the new iPhone gave me a little thrill. I own the iPhone 3G, and the latest model, with its much improved camera, longer battery time, and faster processor will be quite an improvement from my now-outdated phone. And it's shiny.

I swear by Urban Decay cosmetics. Their shadows are highly pigmented, easily blendable, and last all day. And the pencils are super creamy and so easy to use, even for an eyeliner dunce like myself.

I started reading Vogue in high school. It kept me company during my long commute into New York City from Long Island and provided rich fantasy material for the glamorous, chic life I was sure I'd be living at this point. Alas, my life as a stay-at-home mom doesn't provide much room for glamour. But this book on my coffee table , with it's collection of more than 300 Vogue covers beginning in 1892, will satisfy both my love of vintage and Vogue.

This clog/short boot hybrid is everything I want in a winter shoe. The heel isn't too high; the suede is rich and luxurious; and the nailhead trim is quirky. These boots would pair well with short skirts and thick tights, and skinny jeans. 

I started wearing this perfume a year ago, and I've been hooked ever since. It's feminine, soft and warm, with hints of rose and hyacinth. I hate heavy, obtrusive perfumes, and this one is noticable without being overpowering. 

Sequined 1960's black and silver cocktail dress

I discovered this dream vintage cocktail dress while browsing in my favorite Dallas vintage store, Vintage Martini, this week, and fell in love. Between the silver bows, tulle skirt, and black sequins, this dress is everything I could ever want for a New Year's Eve party, wedding, or trip to the supermarket.

As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments. What are some things on your holiday wish list? Anything special you'd love to see under your Christmas tree?

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  1. I would want the Issey Miyake perfume solely for the bottle alone!

  2. I have everything Urban Decay! Especially the 247 Liners.

  3. I just got the iPhone 4s last weekend - I love it. It's awesome, I hope you can get one too!

  4. Oooh I'll have to add that Vogue book to my list! Urban Decay is releasing another book of shadows and Naked 2 palette - I'll be broke!!

  5. Oh I so agree with you on the urban decay eye shadows. Have you tried the naked palette? It has fabulous brown neutrals. Or their eye shadow pencils (like their eyeliners but bigger). I am a huge fan of both. If your budget is tight, I found excellent equivalent at the drugstore, wet'n'wild (also not tested on animals!) and most of their eyeshadows are super pigmented.

  6. Haha... I got myself the 4S for Christmas. I love Urban Decay! I have several eyeliners, but by far my favorite in the collection is the Naked palette.

  7. Those are some awesome choices. I didn't even think about needing a new perfume until I noticed yours, I had one by philosophy but it's almost gone! Maybe that can be a present to myself? Great post!


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