Almost daily outfit of the day: When in doubt, wear sequins 12.26.11

Thrifted vintage sequined jacket; thrifted Citizen of Humanity jeans; thrifted vintage 1940's Victorian blouse; Bruno Magli peep-toe wedges (TJ Maxx)

When I thrifted this 1960's red and gold sequined jacket back in the spring, I had no idea what occasion would call for it. One does not exactly wear red and gold sequins in normal, everyday life, unless you're someone theatrical and grandiose like Rachel Zoe and have a penchant for dramatic dressing during everyday occasions. Despite a lack of celebrity-infused fashion events and affected Californian accent, I too lean towards the dramatic, so I wore this jacket during my Christmas festivities yesterday, which included glamorous things like watching Elf and eating pie and sweeping errant shards of wrapping paper off the floor. Because if you're going to do Christmas right, it should include sequins. That's just a rule


  1. Gah! I wish I had the cuts to pull off sequins like that! You look fabulous!

  2. Couldn't agree more with the header of this post :)

    Happy holidays, lady! x

  3. That's an AWESOME jacket!

    I just wrote another comment where I go on about accents (because of rachel zoe's affected one) but blogger ate it. it's probably for the best!

  4. oh it is perfect for the christmas days! this jacket is really unique and beautiful!
    xxx Anita


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