Almost daily outfit of the day: Post-cataclysmic dress 12.5.11

Lucky Brand jacket; thrifted Gap blouse; thrifted Joe's Jeans; Dolce Vita suede ankle boots; Old Navy belt;  Forever 21 and Charming Charlie bracelets

It's been raining for three days straight, the kind of cold, piercing rain that stabs straight into your bones and makes you want to hide at home in your sweatpants watching Anne of Green Gables all day. I am not one for rainy days. I think it takes a certain kind of person to thrive in them. These people embrace melancholy and live in houses with dark, heavy furniture. They drink a lot of whiskey, and listen to opera, and journal morose poetry about a post-apocalyptic world reminiscent of a Cormac McCarthy novel.

The same kind of cataclysmic, grim landscape that pervades this poetry is exactly what the view outside my window reminds me of right now. McCarthy's characters battle starvation and desperate, hopeless situations. They face cannibalistic hoards of nomads, electrical storms, and brutal weather. Stormy days aside,  I'm thankful to avoid such lyrical horror and cocoon myself at home on the couch, huddled in layers, glaring at the clouds rushing by. 


  1. Loved your post, Elissa! While I happen to enjoy rainy days (in moderation), I see your point! The weather here seems grey and still. I'm unsure whether to attempt to bring some color to my world by dressing brightly or to nod to the season and slip on my favorite charcoal and black ensemble.

    That said, I think a day like yours is also a splendid one to curl up and read some outrageously Gothic novel like "Wuthering Heights" or "Jane Eyre", where the weather functions as a metaphor for highly overwrought emotions!

  2. We've been so lucky here in NYC with the weather lately -- except on Halloween when it snowed!

  3. you looks great! I absolutely get about the weather - came here but a little colder.
    love your shoes and jacket!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  4. What I love the most when raining is that I can sleep comfortably because it'll be cold. Aside from that it's the best time to have a chicken soup on the table, right?

  5. Your post made me giggle a little. My husband likes whiskey, Cormac McCarthy and Opera, but thankfully not delving into morose poetry yet. But I concur, that is how I feel on rainy days.

    PS "The Road" still haunts me :-/

  6. Love your jacket! Your fashion statement is just like me. I like this!


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