Almost daily outfit of the day: Luck be a lady 12.28.11

Vintage Jordache blazer from Hunt. Gather. Style; thrifted silk blouse; Gap Outlet trousers; Stuart Weitzman velvet flats; Bloom clutch

I tend to get stuck in a style rut this time of the year. This centers around the wearing of jeans five or more times a week, paired with either a cardigan, crewneck, or button-down with blazer. My sartorial laziness is most likely based on the following: Residual post-Christmas depression; burrowing as to avoid colder temperatures; and sheer laziness. So today I chose to challenge my winter inertia and dress like a lady. A lady would never wear jeans. Oh no. Ladies prefer tailored trousers, and perfectly applied red lipstick, and blazers with shoulder pads, and impractical clutches that hold little beyond a slim wallet and aformentioned red lipstick. I must admit that I felt prettier, and more pulled-together, in this outfit. My jeans might be calling to me from my closet, but a lady never yields.

In case you missed it:


  1. You look stunning and your eloquent wording is so perfect!

  2. Love that blazer - the detailed edge is amazing!!

  3. I thought those were dark washed jeans with creases :-)
    Either way, love this outfit.

  4. you look very classy, chic, professional, and comfortable all at the same time - good job! I'm happy to find another blogger over 30 - since I've started looking, I've realized that there are lots of gals in my age range doing this, yay =)

    I'm Tracy, and I'll be 40 next month. Nice to meet you!!

  5. Oooh, Jordache! A blast from the past.

  6. Loving how you rock that blazer!


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