Almost daily outfit of the day: Lists, vomit and a vintage cardigan 12.12.11

Vintage thrifted Montgomery Ward cardigan; Gap legging jeans; thrifted Michael Stars long-sleeved tee; Frye boots; Urban Outfitters necklace

I am a planner. I enjoy making lists and crossing tasks off as I complete them. I schedule appointments months ahead. I plan outfits days in advance and lay out my clothes the night before. I organize my day and stick to objectives with an almost militant precision. Spontaneous outings send me into a panic. No, I like things to be structured, predictable. This makes me feel like I'm in control of my life. Sure, it might be a sham, this feeling of control, but it works for me.

Naturally, when crisis comes, I find myself completely unhinged. Take this weekend, when one of my twins barfed all over my bed. A sick, vomiting child sends me into a panic, rushing to my computer for a obsessive search of symptoms on WebMD. Is it bubonic plague? A stomach virus? Dysentery? My mind spirals through a encyclopaedic, increasing terrifying collective of illnesses. What if he becomes dehydrated and needs intravenous fluids? Does he have an antibiotic-resistant super bug, like they showed on 20/20? What if he infects the rest of us? OH MY GOD ARE WE GOING TO DIE, A TERRIBLE DEATH WHERE NO ONE KNOWS WE'RE DEAD UNTIL THE SMELL HITS OUR NEIGHBORHOOD???

It helps to have a simple, comfortable outfit to rely on when I'm facing my imminent end. A vintage cardigan and weathered pair of boots is soothing, and when accessorized by a liberal application of hand sanitizer and Lysol, even better.


  1. Like the color with your hair. Hope it was just
    a 24hour bug.

  2. You are hilarious! (My little one was barfing all weekend too. I feel your pain!)

  3. WebMD is evil! Very bad for one's mental health!

  4. This was hilarious...especially because both of my twins were barfing all weekend and I was online googling the same exact stuff Lol

  5. love your cardi - great color and pattern! and i also like your necklace a lot

    Inside and Outside Blog

  6. Brilliant post! I agree with your making lists thing, I buy all my Christmas presents months and months in advance. My grandma always tells us to pack our clothes fore holidays weeks before we leave, but she doesn't seem to understand that we won't have any clothes left if we do that!
    I hope they're better and have stopped throwing up everywhere! Lovely cardigan- I love the pattern!

  7. That sweater is AMAZING!!! I would steal it right off your back --- so, WATCH OUT!


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