This week I thrifted: Pendleton blazer

Vintage thrifted Pendleton blazer; thrifted J Crew sweater; thrifted Joe's Jeans; Coach ballet flats

There are certain dreams I've held on to since I  left girlhood and became a grown-up. Some are small, like the ability to make it through a day without spilling something on myself, and programming the clock on my DVD player, and parallel parking without backing up on the curb or hitting the car in front of me. But some dreams are bigger. These dreams, the big dreams, are so big that I don't often allow myself to think them, much less pin any real hope on them coming true. They include things like having hair exactly like Zooey Deschannel's. And becoming an equestrian. And finding the perfect pair of jeans in just the right wash (slightly dark) and cut (slim, but not too skinny.) And finally being able to run more than five miles straight without dry-heaving. You know - the big dreams.

Since I began thrifting as a broke high school student, I've been looking for a white or off-white Pendleton blazer. The blazer should be single-breasted and shrunken; fully lined and made from a pristine wool; and absent of moth holes and stains. It should cost less than $6. And it absolutely has to be made by Pendleton, a brand I've long associated with quality, tradition, and Americana. This blazer has been my Holy Grail for twenty years. When I go thrifting, I often head straight to the blazer section in the vain hope that my Pendleton will somehow, inexplicably, be waiting for me.

This week I found it.

I suppose I should focus my energy on improving my parallel-parking skills now.


  1. WAHOO! Nothing like years of thrifting finally paying off. That blazer is perfection.

  2. Ooh, it's lovely! What a great find, and congrats! Parallel parking... I did it perfectly in my driver's test, with a suburban! And never since.


  3. Maybe you need to buy a lottery ticket this week!

  4. I am so HAPPY for you!!! Miracles (admittedly of the slightly superficial variety, perhaps!) DO happen! And how thrilling that the Pendleton you found also met EVERY criteria you'd established -- excellent criteria, by the way. Oh, and by the way: your new jacket looks absolutely LOVELY on you! Congratulations!

  5. Yay! What a fabulous find! If anyone was going to find that kind of major thrifting score, it was sure to be you. And I love this look you've pulled together - you look so chic!

  6. That jacket is perfect! I see some serious potential there!


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