Fashion Beauty Friend Friday: No makeup!

This is possibly the most terrifying thing I have ever done. But here goes:

Today, Fashion Beauty Friend Friday's theme is no makeup, and is hosted by Franca of Oranges and Apples. Participants are encouraged to post a photo of themselves without a smudge of cosmetics. So here I am, completely sans makeup. Feel free to gawk.

I don't have an extensive history of using cosmetics. In high school I wore nothing more than a quick brush of clear mascara (anyone remember that?) and Bonnie Bell Lip Smackers, preferably in a brownish shade that tasted like Dr. Pepper. I stuck to this routine until my wedding, when an hour with a makeup artist transformed me from ordinary, somewhat exhausted-looking twenty something into a person decidedly more grown-up and glamorous. I was stunned by the change. And I've been wearing makeup ever since. I am the woman who puts on a full face of makeup even when I know I will not being leaving the house. Even when I'm sick. And even when I have no desire to be around people at all.

I use makeup as a way of concealing my imperfections, those age spots and freckles and wrinkles and occasional pimple. With it, I don't necessarily feel more beautiful or prettier. I feel more acceptable. I feel more deserving of being out in public and exposing myself to others. I don't use makeup to accentuate my features. Rather, I use it to conceal those I despise.

My morning cosmetics routine consists of the following: MAC foundation; Urban Decay eye shadows, usually from the Naked Palette; Sephora or Urban Decay eyeliner; Dior's DiorShow mascara (which makes my lashes look long enough to ensnare small birds); and Dior blush. If I'm breaking out I usually layer  a light dusting of MAC's pressed power over my foundation. I almost always wear lipstick or gloss as well - I like MAC's New York Apple and Sephora's ultra vinyl lipstick crayons.

Going without makeup for these photos will probably be the only time I am seen in public without it. Frankly, I feel hideous. But I thought it'd be an important step in my quest to embrace my body as it is and develop a more positive body image. It's forced me to wonder why not wearing makeup is so scary for me, and has made me reconsider my need for it on those days I don't leave the house.

As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments! Do you wear makeup? What's your daily routine? When did you start wearing makeup?

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    1. Elissa, that's interesting what you said about using it to conceal rather than highlight. Franca said a similar thing. With the exception of under eye shadows, I had never considered using make-up that way. I think you look just beautiful with and without! Your eyes, your smile, that's you staring right at us:)

    2. I think you look beautiful without makeup!

      I started wearing it around 12. I loved makeup! I go out without makeup more now than I did when I was a teenager. I usually put makeup on, just sometimes it is too much of a bother. If I am not planning on leaving the house, I won't wear anything. I think I may be growing allergic to something, though. My eyes are constantly bloodshot, so I try to give them a rest as much as possible. :/

    3. There's something so sweet and innocent about these photos. I think make up is to women today what girdles were 50 years ago. And don't get me wrong, if you love to wear either of these "oppressive" items then more power to you! As for the rest of us, how awesome would it be not to feel vulnerable without make-up, high heels or control tops?

    4. No way! Not hideous at all. I love your freckles and your nude face. Perhaps you should try it more often. But then I like natural faces. I wrote my own post on this topic as well...

    5. Ah! I did a post like this on my blog back in August. I never wear much makeup anyway, but once I told myself I couldn't, it's all I wanted to do! I was very proud of myself at the end of the week (I decided to skip makeup for a week). You certainly learn a lot about yourself, and I think you also learn to appreciate yourself in a new way. I still got a lot of compliments, despite the fact that I was going bare-faced :)

      I think you look great!


    6. You're very lucky because it looks like you're wearing make-up! God blessed you with some thick, dark lashes.

    7. Elissa, you look beautiful. I applaud you and wish to send you a huge hug for even posting these pictures! You could have skipped a week of Friend Friday and posted no such pictures. I think you'll realize when you start reading these comments that perhaps you can go a day without make up once in a while to let your skin breathe when you're just sitting at home! You are so beautiful. You have absolutely no reason to think otherwise--but isn't it so impossible to believe something when we've convinced ourselves otherwise? I only hope you really believe me when I think you look gorgeous and am so happy you participated in this. I know how hard it can be.

      I started wearing make up in grade five or six? My mother has been avid that I wear it since I was in High School because I looked prettier and she sees it as a way of caring for myself and my image. I always felt that she was saying I looked ugly without it. When I grew older I got on a kick that I wanted to try to embrace the way I look and went without and it actually caused a few serious talks in my house with my Mom. In my house it was taught to me that it was a necessity. But I've kind of rebelled against that idea. I think we should try to embrace the way we look without. I say try, because sometimes that's the hardest thing to do for some of us.

    8. Please don't feel hideous. In these photos you look like a pretty girl who isn't wearing makeup. When I look at the photos of you wearing makeup and compare them to these, I see that with makeup you look different, but to my mind, not better - just more polished and self-conscious (in a good way).

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    10. Ah, Elissa, you are beautiful with and without makeup! I love your natural look in this post. You are so much yourself either way. I understand your feelings regarding makeup; I didn't wear any until I was in my early twenties and felt so much prettier with it on! But I'm learning to embrace myself with and without.

    11. Thanks for taking part, I'm really glad you did this! Because I feel the same way, I know this will make no difference, but you really do look lovely without make up. If you hadn't said, I probably wouldn't even have noticed, you have such a great smile!

    12. I'm like you - I didn't get more into makeup until I got married and then I saw what I could be with wearing more of it! I wore mimimal makeup in high school - blush and lip gloss mostly. I started wearing more eye makeup and cover-up after I got married though and I hate leaving the house without it!

      Oh - I remember clear mascara. Ha!

    13. I think that you look lovely without makeup! Thank you for sharing this photo. I'm sure it was hard. It would be very difficult for me to post such a picture. I feel that my face lacks definition around my eyes without eye liner!

      Take care,


    14. You are beautiful friend. Stunningly and perfectly beautiful. Own it. ; )

    15. You look so pretty! (all the time, both with and without makeup). It's your lovely smile!
      I wear a light tinted moisturiser all the time and a light foundation and mascara to work. I always wear lipstick because I think I look great in it (and like a ghost without it).I do endurance sport and I wear bright red lipstick and nail polish when I race becuase I might be a slow heavy older athlete but I am not apologetic and I am not invisible.

    16. Still beautiful as ever! I was the same girl in high school who just wore brown (not even black) mascara and vaseline on my lips ahha. Once I started in the work force full time I wanted to look more my age and have started to wear full makeup. It's fun but so time consuming!

      xo L.

    17. Aww you look great without it! I can't believe you wear it when you're sick... that is the last thing on my mind haha You should try to slowly ween yourself off, maybe one day don't wear lipstick the next no concealer to see how it goes :)

    18. I honestly wouldn't have known you weren't wearing makeup if you hadn't said anything. With your dark lashes it looks like you have on mascara.

      I started wearing makeup in junior high school, sneaking it behind my mother's back. Looking back, I see why she fought me on it. Makeup at 12? Really? But I remember feeling incredibly self-conscious once I got to 7th grade and "everyone else" seemed to have some on.

      In high school and even into college I wore it to hide (self-perceived) flaws. In my 20s, I slimmed down my routine because I just couldn't be bothered to get up in time to have enough time to put it all on and get to work on time.

      Now I'm more skilled at it, so I only need 5 or 10 minutes in the morning for a full face. And I approach it as something fun. It's like art--or combining garments into outfits.

      What if I wore these eye shadow colors together? What about this eyeliner? Some days I wear liquid foundation, some days powder, some days spray-on (Dior airbrush). Some days I do liquid liner, some days gel, some days pencil.

    19. You're super pretty, and I'm not just saying that. I'm so proud of you for taking the plunge and posting these!


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