Fashion Beauty Friend Friday: Alter egos

With the idea that we all fill a lot of different shoes and work a lot of different roles in our everyday lives, Lili of Relatable Style thought it would be interesting to ask the members of Fashion Beauty Friend Friday to create an outfit about the person they would like to be if circumstances allowed, or the person they thought they would be now when they were little.

Here were Lili's instructions on her blog:

The outfit can be anything: Who you are deep inside, who you always thought you would be, or who you would be right now if circumstances allowed. Maybe you are a total diva, but your rural living environment does not exactly call for satin gloves up to the elbows and feather boas? Or you always thought you'd be a rockstar? A mom? Maybe you feel out of place in today's world sometimes and you could imagine yourself as a poet in the Victorian era? Or travelling the world with your camera, shooting for Vogue? Whatever it is, show us! You can also write a few (or many many) lines about the background of your Alter Ego, if you like.

For my fashion alter-ego, I chose a 1920's flapper.

Flappers were the epitomes of modernity. They were androgynous, working women who paradoxically had the sexual appeal of sirens. Defying convention, Flappers smoked and openly drank alcohol, particularly daring during 1920s' Prohibition. When darkness fell, jazz clubs were the haunts of Flappers, who danced provocatively wearing rouge on their knees.

Flapper style

Flappers’ decadence in behavior was matched by their daring style of dress, derived from moves such as the Charleston Dance that accompanied Jazz Age music. Dancing and increasing participation in outdoor sports brought about the end of corseted constraints from the Victorian/Edwardian periods. Bras became new commodities as they replaced corsets; pantaloons were discarded in favor of panties. Waistlines migrated to the hips on Flappers' dresses, which were unconstructed. Rising hemlines bared the leg; rayon stockings were worn with garter belts.

I'm drawn to the Flapper era because it signaled a new freedom for women. Dress was seen as a symbolic gesture of permission for flappers to adorn themselves and behave as they wished. Flappers were feminine, but also broke gender barriers as they participated in sports, voted, and worked outside the home. The short skirts and bobbed hair of the flapper were symbols of emancipation. I'm intrigued by the symbolism of their appearance and enjoy how they used fashion to signal a new change in women's rights.

As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments. What would your fashion alter-ego be? What would she wear?

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  1. Hi Elissa, thank you so much for participating! I love your choice of an alter ego from a different era. The outfit you created would probably have made a flapper think she was in style heaven :-)

  2. Yes! I love the '20s, as you may have guessed by my avatar :)

  3. I'd either be steampunk(victorian/mechanical) or gypsy.


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